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"Recipebookmarks" & "Music Kitchen Timer" & "Kitchen Timer+"

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NEW! Recipebookmarks

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Bookmark and save your favorite recipes
Add ingredients and memo notes to organizing recipes
Look for recipes by ingredients or name
Share your favorite recipes on Facebook and Twitter

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Store and organize your favorite cooking recipes with "Recipebookmarks"!
"Recipebookmarks" is an application that bookmarks your favorite recipes you found on websites, and allows you to store, organize, search and view them.

"Recipebookmarks" is available on the App Store.

Music Kitchen Timer

Music Kitchen Timer for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android

Eight fresh color textures to brighten up your kitchen
Five pieces of beautiful classical music and one alarm
Share your cooking excitement on twitter!
Easy to read digital panel and easy to push buttons

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"Music Kitchen Timer" is a digital kitchen timer app for iPhone, iPod touch, Android smart phone and tablet. It will make your cooking time happier.
Music Kitchen Timer can be customized with a variety of fresh colors for its main body, has beautiful alarm sounds, a simple user-friendly control panel and large buttons.

Kitchen Timer+


Beautiful four colors of main body
Let you know count zero app in background
Easy to read digital panel and easy to push buttons
Share your cooking excitement on Twitter!

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This is lite version of "Music Kitchen Timer" for Android smart phone and tablet. It's free to download for everyone. Why don't you use the app for daily cooking and let you know your freinds?
"Kitchen Timer+" is a beautiful design and easy-to-use digital timer app for cooking. This app counts in the background.

Go to PC's Google Play and buy it.